Our philosophy

Tectogreen stops the growth of roots without damaging the plants and without negative effect on quality and durability of sealing materials. Our Tectogreen products combine tested biological effectiveness with excellent ecological standards. They form the strongest possible bond with the bitumen with a minimal impact on the environment. The active substances doses can be adapted to applications and standards. Our Tectogreen products contain long-term tested and FLL-tested substances that ensure permanent resistance against root penetration of the sealing area and its seams.
Our products

o Tectogreen P – the protection against root penetration with the proven substance Mecoprop P-2-ethylhexyl.
o Tectogreen P-5 – the protection against root penetration with the substance Mecoprop P-n-octyl.
o Tectogreen M – our new innovative product based upon the substance MCPA.
o Tectogreen MP – the formulation with synergistic effect from Mecoprop P-2-ethylhexyl and MCPA-2ethylhexyl.

Our services

o Consultancy on all questions relating to root-resistant roof and sealing sheets of various materials.
o Product development, formulas, production processes, technology of greening of buildings.
o Cooperation in technical and scientific areas.
o Innovative ideas for achieving highest environmental standards.
o Support and cost-sharing in FLL/EN testing methods.
o Excellent price/performance ratio.
o Continuous development of new products: active substances against root penetration; Additives to improve effectiveness and stability; compositions and manufacturing processes.

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TECTOGREEN protection against root penetration reliably prevents the penetration of roof and sealing sheets, on the surface as well as in the seams, in addition to sealing materials, insulations, coatings and rubber seals.

In the download-section you can find the latest version of the technical product sheets and the safety data sheets in various languages.
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Tectogreen P
Tectogreen P-5
Tectogreen M
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